Meet Our Interns

Fall 2015

Nora Zaki

Nora Zaki is a Master of Divinity candidate at the University of Chicago interested in Arabic, Islamic Studies and ethics.  She engages in interfaith service and dialogue at her university and in the greater Chicago area.  This year at AIC, she will be learning more about chaplaincy and academia through her internship.


Summer 2015



Rebecca Bonhag

Hi, my name is Rebecca Bonhag and I am currently an intern at the AIC. I am a student at Brigham Young University – Idaho (located in Rexburg, ID) and am majoring in sociology. While searching for an internship opportunity online, I stumbled upon a posting by the AIC. What I really like about my internship here is that it incorporates many opportunities to research and to reach out to others in order to promote the college. The time I spent here was full of opportunities to learn. I was also able to meet and interact with great personalities. Overall, I really enjoyed my time here at the AIC as well as in Chicago and am looking forward to work in a related field in the future.



Zeinab Maalow

Asalamu Alaikum my name is Zeinab Maalow and I am a junior Political Science & International Relations student at the University of Kent, England. My aspiration to study Politics & IR at an advanced level stemmed from my interest in economic development amongst the poorer nations. This has inspired me to aspire to work in the international development sector and be a part of that change. I’m committed to questioning, sharing, listening, and reflecting, as well as uncovering and celebrating my Arab and Muslim heritage. My hobbies include photography, poetry, and boxing. I applied to AIC because I wanted to intern at an institution that was in line with my core values. I believe that AIC is committed to promoting inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding, responsible world citizenship, and engaged social service. My experiences at AIC are among the best of my professional and personal experiences to date! I am looking forward to coming back to AIC to study the Islamic Chaplaincy program inshallah.



Spring 2015



Zainab Merchant

Born in Bahrain, raised in Dubai and a Management and Finance major. Recently moved to Chicago to pursue a career in Early Special Childhood education. Moreover I also hope to address the pressing issues in our communities through community organizing, activism, public policy and working with the Muslim youth organizations. In the near future, I hope to work with children who are the building blocks and very foundation of our society. I love travelling and hope to see the entire world. Sky diving is on my bucket list. I like Reading, working on my Arabic calligraphy and going for adventures around town during my free time.


Fall 2014


Noura Alcheikh

She is a History and International Studies major with a minor in Arabic Language and Culture at Loyola University Chicago. She is currently interning for our Communications and Outreach Program. Noura is interested in interfaith and Arab history and culture. She is particularly interested in how individuals maintain and share their cultural/religious ethics and identities in their communities.