Explore and Learn: Summer ESL Program

July 1st-August 30th
Mon-Thurs 9:00am-12:00pm

The program includes 12 hours of classroom study each week. Improve your reading, writing, and speaking abilities. Develop your knowledge of English grammar, and practice your communication skills while touring magnificent Chicago sites and exploring American culture.

Course work may include communicative activities, discussions, cultural readings, listening/speaking exercises, games, and videos that will enhance your learning experience. AIC’s campus includes a beautiful garden and it is a 5-minute walking distance to Lake Michigan. AIC’s beautiful location will allow us to perform some of our classes outdoors to make your learning experience over the Summer more joyful. Recommended list of visits and tours to Chicago’s most popular sites and attractions complete the learning experience.


This program is open to students who:

-are visitors to the US and hold a B-1 or B-2 (tourist) visa,
-have entered the United States on a visa waiver,
-have an F-1 visa and want to practice English over summer break,
-are US citizens or residents

Dormitory rooms are available upon reservation. Please contact Dorm Supervisor, Bekmurat Matisaev, at dormitory@aicusa.edu for room reservations and campus information.
For course registration please contact the Registrar, Ozlen Keskin, at registrar@aicusa.edu
Please fill out an online application form here


Instructor bio:


Anna Kathleen Hartman earned her undergraduate degree in International Studies and Spanish from Bowling Green State University and her MAED in Bilingual/Bicultural and English as a second language from DePaul University. She has experience in public and private primary and secondary schools teaching English as a second language and teaching adults in private language academies. She earned her CELTA certificate in teaching English to adults from International House Madrid. She taught Spanish as a world language in Erie Elementary Charter School and is excited to start teaching adults again to join the American Islamic College.




Course Payments

* To pay for 1 month only, please choose an option 3hr credit course $750

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