Lutheran School of Theology Visit American Islamic College


On Friday, February 24th, a group of graduate students from the Lutheran School of Theology visited American Islamic College (AIC) to observe Jumah prayer and engage in dialogue. The visiting students are taking a course entitled, “Muslims in America,” which is team-taught by Rev. Dr. Michael Shelley and Dr. Ghulam-Haider Aasi. The President of AIC, Daoud Casewit, welcomed the group and shared information about the College. Three AIC students also participated. They each were asked to share their reasons for studying Islamic studies and what it is that they plan on doing after they graduate. One student is from AIC’s course on “Islam in America,” which is taught by Dr. Shabana Mir. Thus, the students were able to share their perspectives on the topic. The group then observed Jumah, Friday congregational prayer for Muslims at the AIC Masjid. The dialogue continued after Jumah over some fruit and tea.

The Vice President of Finance and Administration, Randal Muhammad, and Director of Programs, Romana Manzoor, also participated in the dialogue luncheon.

It was a thoughtful experience and AIC looks forward to welcoming LSTC again for another visit.

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