Enrichment Programs

AIC presents various Conferences on Islam and Muslims, which bring together academics, intellectuals, politicians, students, and attendees from around the US and the world.

Students interested in participating in an Exchange program may consult with the Dean of Students for available opportunities. Study abroad opportunities must be approved by an advisor.

AIC maintains a fruitful legacy of interactive interfaith relations. American Islamic College is committed to inter-religious dialogue and has played a strong leadership role in building bridges of peace and understanding between several faith traditions, especially with its Jewish and Christian neighbors. AIC’s legacy of interfaith relations has inspired numerous interfaith events and social action projects. We host students and leaders from various Christian seminaries in the Chicago area, who come to learn about Islam from their Muslim neighbors and to observe the Friday prayer services. We also offer courses in interfaith topics and relations and host interfaith receptions and other special events. Students are welcome to attend Interfaith Dialogue events; online RSVP required.

American Islamic College offers a Lecture Series program which hosts distinguished guests speaking on a range of topics. AIC’s Lecture Series provides the opportunity to share ideas, enhance understanding, and inspire learning. American Islamic College invites the public to attend these informative discussions, which are free and open to all. Our students are especially encouraged to attend.

American Islamic College hosts various special events throughout the year, such as community dinners, film screenings, workshops, cultural events and more. Students are welcome to attend; online RSVP required.

Students may apply for any of our Volunteer and/or Internship Opportunities at AIC. Opportunities provide students with a chance to engage in hands-on experience; network with community leaders, academicians, and interfaith and intercultural communities; cultivate leadership skills and make a positive impact.

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