AIC maintains a dormitory capable of accommodating a limited number of both male and female students, with the third floor reserved for females only. The dormitory is connected to the main college building and provides the advantage of living on campus with direct, sheltered access to the classrooms. The College believes that living in residence halls contributes to the personal growth and development of the individualby providing companionship with a wide variety of people with whom students may share interests and learn new ideas, thus creating a sense of community.

The dormitory hosts 60-rooms, a commercial kitchen, cafeteria, student kitchenette, laundry facilities, fitness room, recreation room, terrace, study room, student hall, lounge, showers/bathrooms and prayer hall, and has WIFI access throughout. Monthly rent is $500 for single occupancy and $375 for double occupancy. Interested students should submit the housing application and one-month deposit to the Main Office. Applications are available at the Main Office. Students may apply for residence accommodation by semester or academic year. Depending upon availability, rooms may be rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to accommodate the needs of students who require short-term housing.
All dormitory residents are provided with a Rules and Regulations Agreement, which they must sign and abide by.  Meal Plans are not offered.
For more information, contact the Main Office at 773-281-4700.

For inquiry about available rooms in our dormitory please email: dormitory@aicusa.edu

Dormitory AIC

Dormitory Pictures

Dormitory Features

In addition to the commercial kitchen, which is used by American Islamic College to serve the AIC community, dorm residents are allowed access to the AIC student kitchenette on the second floor of the dormitory building. Students are able to store and cook their own food in the kitchenette 24/7.

Laundry Facilities
The AIC dormitory has two separate coin laundry facilities for males and females. The females-only laundry facility is located on the third floor of the dormitory building. The males-only laundry facility is located in the basement of the dormitory building. Only students residing in the AIC dorms may use the AIC laundry facilities.

Recreation Room
The recreation room is located in the basement of the student dormitory and can be accessed by all AIC students. The Recreation Room is open 24 hours/day; students must hold a valid AIC ID to access the room. Outside guests are permitted to use the recreation room with special permission from the Main Office.

Fitness Room
The Fitness Room is located in the basement of the dormitory building and can be accessed by all AIC students 24 hours/day. Students must have a valid AIC ID to access the Fitness Room.

Student Lounge
The student lounge is located on the second floor of the student dormitory. The primary purpose of the lounge is for student interaction and socialization.

Student Hall
The student hall is located on the second floor of the dormitory building. The room is equipped with a projector, screen, and conference table. AIC students with valid ID may access the room at anytime between the hours of 7AM-6PM, but must receive special approval from the Main Office if they wish to hold a private meeting.

Study Room
A Study room is available in the basement of the dormitory building. AIC Students may access the study room 24hrs/day.

Prayer Hall
The AIC masjid (prayer hall) is located on the second floor of the AIC dormitory building. Students are asked to use the prayer hall for prayer purposes only. Students who wish to use the prayer hall for halaqa (Islamic lecture) purposes must receive approval from the main office in advance. Weekly Friday congregation prayers will be held at the AIC prayer hall; students wishing to announce events after the prayer service must receive prior approval from the main office.

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