Student Testimonials

Rabbani Mubashshir, Class of 2018 Graduate, BA in Islamic Studies

“As a student at American Islamic College who has recently completed the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Islamic Studies, I can attest to the high quality of learning that is offered at this new and growing institution… The education I received here has enriched my overall understanding of Islam.

I believe AIC is unique in that it integrates the classical Islamic tradition with relevant liberal arts education. This approach provides a broader perspective of Islam as it is applied to contemporary issues facing Muslims. Here at AIC we engage Islam in a context that responds effectively to the new political as well as scientific developments. An example of relevant Islamic studies is evident in the need to address modern day Islamic finance products. The study of Islamic Legal Reasoning, fiqh, provides a Shariah compliant model for adapting conventional finance instruments to Islamic law.

Islamic Studies at AIC prepares students for a productive life today and in the future.  Education affords students the opportunity to realize the universality of Islamic teachings and orientates Muslims to identify and make major contributions to new social as well as scientific needs. Socio-political issues are researched and rigorously debated. AIC’s professors insist that students apply the Quranic command to think rationally and constructively.

AIC’s unique educational approach is one that both Muslim and non-Muslim students can appreciate. The school’s current student body has a diverse make-up which enriches the shared learning experience and provides a more appreciative perception of the contemporary Muslim community.  We here at AIC have been fortunate to have students from Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, America, including a Native American Muslimah. These are all factors that have enhanced my experience here at AIC. It has afforded me the opportunity to deepen my personal understanding of the religion of Al-Islam while contributing to my development as an Arabic teacher at my mosque.”

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